Bathroom Remodeling

At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we are not just another bathroom design company; we are THE bathroom design company in Kern County. The reason being…. is that we take the time to find out what your vision looks like and what are the things that are motivating you to take on a bathroom remodel in the first place. We understand that you have committed yourself to not only a financial investment but also a time investment, not to mention the inconvenience of the project. We don’t take that lightly by any means.

With all those factors on the table, our DreamMaker Professionals want to make sure we do it right by starting out in our showroom with a FREE consultation to make sure that you are comfortable with us as the right company for you without the pressure of a “salesperson” in your living room or bathroom. If you are comfortable to move forward, we set up the second meeting in your home to go over the notes from our office, dig deeper into your vision and ask for an opportunity to design your kitchen.

We purposefully do not take the “box store” rushed approach to designing your kitchen in your home on a lap top, but rather we think through your design in the quietness of our office referring back to our extensive notes and measurements to capture the true essence of what it is you are wanting in your bathroom.

We then set up a concept meeting in our design center to systematically go through the design concept and answer any questions that you might have. If changes need to be made, no problem! We patiently work through the process until you are completely satisfied with the design and are ready to be presented with a complete proposal that details out the project phase by phase.

Once a contract is signed, we arrange for you to meet with our Interior Designer so that she can walk you through the remainder of your product choices including your tile for backsplash or shower area, flooring material, countertop material, specialty lighting, paint, and knobs and pulls. She visits whatever showrooms or granite yards that are necessary with you until you find the right choice for you!

Once your choices are made, your Production Binder is now ready to carefully and systematically be prepared by our sales team to ensure an efficient build out and handed off to our Production Manager.

At this point, your project continues to flow through our processes with cabinets and specialty products being ordered, products being staged, and our production department scheduling the work to be completed.

And when your project is complete, we are not done there. We are still here for you throughout the warranty phase with again another system to make sure that you are not forgotten or put on the back burner. It is our desire to have you as a client for life not just a client for a project.