Since the recent pandemic hit, there has been a drastic shift in how people view work and travel, as well as basic sanitation practices. Here at DreamMaker, we are busier than ever making improvements to homes in our community! This is an unprecedented time for home (particularly kitchen and bath) remodeling, and more and more people are taking the leap to finally invest in their homes. Been dreaming of a better shelter-in-place lifestyle? Here are a few remodeling ideas that you might consider implementing in your home.

Remodeling for Cleanliness

Post-pandemic home remodeling projects addressing modern sanitation needs focus mostly on the kitchen, bathroom and home entrances. A great way to improve indoor sanitation is to update surfaces with materials that have better germ resistance or are simply easier to wipe down. Other changes also include upgrading to no-touch faucets or door and window hardware that minimizes hand contact.

Enhanced technology can play a large part in sanitation as well. Household items like the thermostat, the television, speakers, and even some kitchen appliances can all be controlled from one place: your cell phone. By centralizing the control to one place, you can reduce the amount of touchpoints needed in the home.