At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we are not just another kitchen and bath remodeling company; we are THE kitchen and bath design/build company of Kern County.  The reason being…. WE CARE!  We want to design your space WITH you, not for you.  It’s your dream, your needs, your investment, your sanctuary, and your home.  We certainly do not take lightly the sacrifices that you are making to see your dream to fruition.

To start the process, our DreamMaker Professionals will take all the time needed to discuss your project with a FREE consultation starting out in our design center.  We want you to be completely comfortable to go to the next step by inviting us into your home. 

The second meeting will take place in your home.  At that time,  we will go deeper with the details, ideas, and investment cost.

With the proper information gathered, we then go to work in the quietness of our office designing your new project.  In the meantime, you are being escorted by a professional Interior Designer to shop for your products.

Soon after the home visit a concept meeting is scheduled to go over preliminary drawings. 

Once your design is approved and your decisions are made, we are ready to present a proposal to you with the exact cost of your project, NO SURPRISES!  When a contract is signed, we get busy ordering products, compiling your production binder, and scheduling your production.

Our in-house production staff, Production Manager and Lead Carpenters, will take it from there to assure that the quality that you deserve is being produced in a timely manner with precision and with integrity.

When you project is complete, we are not done!  Our 5-Year Warranty will be afforded to you with pleasure.  Remember, you are buying a service as well as a product.

It is our desire that you too, will join hundreds of families to become part of our DreamMaker family.  You should love your home, every square inch of it!

STEP 1:  Meet with a DreamMaker Associate in Our Design Center
A DreamMaker professional will listen carefully to hear your vision for your project space, share multiple options that may apply, and discuss your proposed budget or budget range.

STEP 2: Home Survey
The second meeting will take place in the home to see the proposed project first hand.  The Designer will discuss in more detail the Homeowners vision, style, and confirm the budget established in the first meeting.  He/she will introduce innovative and creative ideas that may work within the proposed budget.

STEP 3: Design-Build Retainer
Once both parties feel that they can move forward, a minimal design fee of 3% of the projected cost will be received to retain services to prepare preliminary plans and specifications for the proposed project. 

Step 4: Design Phase.
A meeting date will be established for a concept presentation. With the right information in hand, the designer will now begin work on conceptual drawings. In the meantime, the homeowner will be working with our interior designer to make all the product choices necessary to complete the project.

STEP 5: Contract and Pre-Construction Phase.
Once the Homeowner has made their choices and drawings have been approved, a contract can now be signed by both parties.  Once this takes place, DMBK will order all product and place the project in the production pipeline.  When materials arrive they will be staged in the home ready for install.

STEP 6: Production Phase – And the Fun Begins!
Our DMBK Production Manager will schedule out your project and an assigned Lead Carpenter will be communicating daily with you. Your home will be protected with zip walls and floor coverings and cleaned up daily.  A professional cleaning service will come in when the project is a working kitchen or bath.  A 5 Year Warranty will now cover any issues that may come up.  We are here for you!