DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen introduces us to three Popular Myths About Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling.

As technology expands and the availability of information rapidly grows, homeowners are discovering the many things they can do to make their homes more livable. You can go online and discover a plethora of home interior remodeling ideas that will add personality and function to your home. Unfortunately, there are also some widespread myths about remodeling that can hurt more than help.

Myth #1: Design According to the Latest Trends
Many of the latest trends in remodeling involve ways to make life easier. However, not all of them add true value to your home or provide the comfort or convenience homeowners think they will. For example, installing a built-in desk in the kitchen was all the rage for several years, until homeowners tired of seeing papers and clutter on the counter. Hanging pot racks also had their moment, but pots and pans are now stashed neatly in drawers. If you work with a qualified home improvement contractor like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we can offer guidance on which design choices will always be practical and in style.

Myth #2: DIY Is Better Than Hiring a Professional Remodeler
Some people decide to take on their own remodeling tasks, thinking it will be much less expensive than hiring a pro. Yet unless you have industry training and experience, there are so many things that can go wrong when you attempt a DIY home improvement project (think electrical and plumbing). In the long run, these problems can wind up costing you more than you would have spent on a professional. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen uses qualified tradespeople for every aspect of a remodel, so you can be assured a project will get done correctly the first time.

Myth #3: All Remodels Add Value
The notion that any improvement you make to your home will add value is false. There are certain features that most people want, such as hard surface countertops, built-in shelving and bathrooms that are easy to maintain. Your DreamMaker designer can explain which remodeling projects and design features are proven to add value to a home, and which don’t.

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