Two-Tone Cabinet Doors
A single color for the cabinets is always acceptable. Using two different colors is a bit more daring, especially if you use a bold hue. A tone-on-tone color scheme, though, is a nice middle-of-the-road option. One example: class white cabinets for your perimeter and a stained cabinet or bold color for the island can give a kitchen personality and flair OR tone-on-tone with uppers and lowers being two different colors. 

Simpler Lines – Less Clutter
1. Cabinet door styles, ceiling heights, and embellishments are down to a minimal.  The classic Shaker door is still number one in the country. Cabinet heights to ceilings are also replacing the staggered look that once was so popular.  It doesn’t mean it is not still being done but more people are moving towards simple. 2. Keep It Uncluttered with Appliance Garages – Appliance garages enclose a portion of the counter with an overhead door. This provides storage space for concealing small appliances like the toaster and coffeemaker. This creates a minimalist design free from clutter.

Appliances are continually becoming more technical and innovative.  They show you pictures, talk to you, and even make coffee from a refrigerator but as far as finishes, stainless steel appliances are still the number one appliance finish on the market.  They add brightness to the kitchen and work well with any cabinet finish and now are finger-print resistant in most models. Slate and black stainless are the new darker counterparts of stainless. Classic white appliances will never go out of style but use this color with careful consideration of what cabinet finish you select.

The top choices in flooring – tile, hardwood floors, luxury vinyl plank or tile (LVP/LVT) – but consider the following when choosing your floor for your lifestyle:1. The Overall Durability – selecting water proof flooring in kitchens and baths would be a smart choice. Tile and LVP/LVT or tile would certainly be easy maintenance and protect you from unexpected water damage. 2. Sublfoor Material – make sure that your flooring does not need a moisture barrier when installing over concrete.  Sheet vinyl can sometimes be used as a slip sheet for tile or LVP/LVT. 3. Broad Appeal – If you are considering selling your home, make sure that what you choose will make sense to the average buyer. 4. Maintenance – Everyone’s lifestyle is different so choose a floor that will work well for you. Tile needs deep cleaning of the grout every so often but requires less attention than carpet.  VVP/LVT requires even less maintenance than either one of the other choices – it is groutless and cleans with a damp mop – ideal for pets and children. Hardwood is typically more expensive but beautiful.  It can be scratched and does require regular dust mopping.

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