Investing in a new kitchen, including new cabinets, can dramatically improve your home’s value and functionality . The advantage of installing new cabinets, rather than refurbishing the old ones, gives so much more opportunity to improve your kitchen.  Starting with a clean pallet, you can improve the layout of the kitchen, maximize storage and counter space, and include accessories that would organize your kitchen much better than your existing. It will surprise you how much more storage you can pick up in a well designed kitchen using the same square footage!
Just a few of those organizational items could include: 

Pull out trash cans –   This would replace the eyesore in the middle of the kitchen which takes up space and usually is not where you need it.  Including a trash can integrated into a kitchen cabinet near the sink is a very practical addition. They fit into an 18- or 21-inch cabinet as either a single trash can or a double, one for trash and the second for recyclables.

Pull-Out Spice Rack – A pull-out spice rack is a practical solution to organize your spices more efficiently in a low-profile vertical storage that fits seamlessly into your kitchen cabinet. They usually come in 3- and 6-inch widths and can be installed in the upper cabinet or in the lower cabinets beneath a counter and next to your cooktop or range.

Tray Dividers –  If you are tired of trays, pans and cutting boards stacked together creating an unsightly mess, you can solve this problem by installing tray dividers. This accessory will keep those items upright and organized. They come in 9- and 12-inch widths and can be designed over a pantry cabinet. where the space is usually not easily accessible.  Even homeowners that are short in stature can reach the bottom of the trays, cutting boards, or 13×9″ pans with ease. They are an affordable accessory that you can’t go wrong with.