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Our company’s reputation thrives on your feedback and referrals. If you haven’t left a review of our services yet, we would appreciate if you would do so now by using the form below. It’s been our pleasure to serve you throughout the process and appreciate the confidence that you have put in DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen!

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Video Testimonials

5 Star Review

“Dear Everett and Patty, What a joy to have my new walk-in tub! Your workmen were so courteous and friendly that it was easy to have them in my home. They were conscientious1y on time and cleaned up after they were finished. My bathroom looks like a spa with the tile so beautifully finished and matching my original tile. I will think of you every time I take my soothing bubbly bath. Thank you for being such a thoughtful business.”

– Mickey Mauson





Written Testimonials

Sandy and John DeVera

Dear Patty,

Thank you so much for the four-night cruise on Carnival Cruise line. John and I sailed during the Thanksgiving week school break, leaving on Monday and returning to Long Beach on Friday. We had never been to Catalina Island nor Ensenada and we had never been on a cruise together! John said the part he liked best was having a week of my mostly undivided attention. We left Hannah and Sam to keep the house running and had Thanksgiving on the ship and then had family Thanksgiving the following weekend.

We are shy people prone to motion sickness so we weren’t sure cruising would be for us. Scopalamine patches worked great and at the first show we were selected from the audience to be a VIP couple for the cruise. We got to know the cruise director well and we were favored for many perks — reserved seating at the shows, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne delivered to our cabin, complimentary wine with dinner, free bingo. Before the cruise was over most everybody was calling out, “Hey John and Sandy” as we passed. The weather was beautiful, the people on the cruise very family oriented and friendly, and the Carnival staff were top-notch in every way.

We were happy to return home to our beloved kitchen and our master bath, both designed by DreamMaker professionals. But what a lovely adventure where we could dance, sing karaoke, go to the spa, and Segway around Avalon. The whole experience was wonderful and we would never have embarked upon a cruise like this without your generosity.

Blessed beyond belief

Darlene Alley

Attending the DreamMaker seminar really inspired me to go ahead with getting my kitchen updated. I had been wanting to do it for years and had thought of going through one of the big stores; however, the reviews were so bad I was afraid to have it done. I read about the DreamMaker seminar on their website and decided to attend. I was so impressed with their whole team, I knew I would get the kitchen I wanted.

Having never done any remodeling before, I really appreciated their recommendations and being able to visualize the finished project. I could not be any happier. Having people that were experts in their field made me feel confident that I would not regret having my kitchen remodeled.

Zoa Duffy

Although I at first hesitated to approach DreamMakers about my bathroom renovation, (because I thought they’d be out of my price-range), I was very pleasantly surprised when Patty and Everett began working with me to design a very beautiful and functional bathroom while staying within my budget. In fact, the project even came in UNDER budget, allowing me to upgrade my home in other areas. I was able to trust the workers to come into my home while I worked out-of-town, and everything was always clean, safe and secure when I returned. My phone calls were always returned, my questions always answered, and my expectations always exceeded. I would highly recommend DreamMakers to anyone seeking to remodel or renovate their premises.I frankly did not know where to start. Years ago, my former husband contracted with Home Depot to redo the kitchen we had at the time, so I initially started there. However, I happened to be speaking to someone who used to work for Home Depot, and she told me that I would have to basically sub-contract everything myself and that it would be hit-and-miss. I didn’t want the headache of that. I was also afraid that I didn’t have any “taste” and was afraid my bathroom wouldn’t look nice at the end. I just wanted to be able to point at things I liked and have the contractor make it happen with a minimum of worry and running around. That’s what DreamMakers did for me. (I’d been seeing their ad in the paper and decided to call them for a “one-stop” operation.) With a minimum of hassle and Patty’s and Everett’s expert guidance and suggestions, my bathroom turned out better than my wildest dreams and it barely disrupted my life at all! Just thought I’d add this. I had previously made an appointment with an independent contractor I’d met when he installed my security screen door and waited patiently for him to be able to work me into his busy schedule. Finally, after many weeks, his office called to make an appointment for a specific day at a specific time. I raced home from work that day, down the mountain from Tehachapi, in order to be here on time but it turned out that he was a no-show. There was no call, no explanation: just me sitting here waiting. Didn’t they want my money? That same week, I contacted DreamMakers and it’s the best decision I could have made.

I want to thank the entire staff at DreamMaker for their time and work spent on the remodeling of my master bath. Everyone, Hal, Travis, and others were very courteous and talented. Tommy, the foreman, made all the proper appointments for the contractors and personnel to be on the job in a timely manner. Tommy followed through by visiting the site and making any necessary calls when inspecting the work. This is one of the most important steps in any construction job. I am thrilled with the end results. My bathroom is beautiful!.

-Karen Jett

Thank you so much for your professional work on our kitchen. We love the countertop and backsplash. I would recommend your company.

-Peggy Leaplay


To whom it may concern, I recently entered into a contract with Dream Maker Kitchen and Bath to remodel my kitchen. I was pleased with all of the work performed. Everett, Patty and Mel consulted with me on a range of options and help me choose the best solution for my needs. Ray Ellen was very helpful with design options in the selection of materials and colors. Tommy did a great job of managing the schedule and overseeing the demolition, painting and the work. He saw that everything was completed on time. All the crews were professional. They cleaned up each day. The lady who did the general cleaning on the last day with exceptional. I was very pleased with all the work and would highly recommend Dream Maker.

-Beverly Hislop

Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the recent remodel of our kitchen and great room. The entire team working on our project were skilled craftsmen. Any an all of my phone calls were promptly returned and all issues resoiiJed. The finished project was beyond our expectations and we would recommend the Dreammaker team to anyone considering a remodel. Thank you Tommy for your attention to detail, it really shows in our beautiful new kitchen and great room.

-Bill and Barbara Johnston

I want to thank you all for the work you did on my kitchen and master bath along with my 2 small bathrooms. My home looks like a model home now.

Mel and Tommy were wonderful to work with. Every worker that came to my house was great. Tommy kept me informed of everything that was happening. It was a pleasure working with him.

-Laurie Hothan

With the completion of the total renovation of our one and three quarter bathrooms of our Haley Street home we see our Dream baths have come true. During the planning and design stage Mel Fox was attentive to the image we had in our heads, but on the basis of his knowledge and experience he gently guided us along. His suggestions were invaluable as the final result amply proves. The execution of the plans were ably coordinated by Tommy and his
very competent crew and subcontractors. Hal’s technical skills were expected, but he surprised us with his artistic skill in designing the window frames.

Tommy deserves a special handshake in gratitude for keeping us informed and always returning our calls. Several craftsmen mentioned Tommy’s “eagle-eye” for detecting minor imperfections expecting to be called back if their work didn’t satisfy him.

As everyone committed to a home improvement project knows, second only to cost is the expected stress which accompanies the project right up to the day of completion. In this project there was no stress. Having workers out of the house before five, daily work-place clean-up and craftsmen showing up on time on a prearranged schedule was wonderful. Early on we discovered that the trust we placed in the DreamMaker organization was well founded. All the DreamMaker folks deserve a “well done.”

-Frank and Leila Espinoza

DreamMaker has done it again! Two years ago DreamMaker remodeled one of our bathrooms. They did such a good job so when we were ready to redo the 2nd bathroom there was no question. DreamMaker it was.

The job is finished and the bathroom looks great. The sub contractors: Valley Granite, Atlas Plumbing and Rankin Electric did excellent work, showed up when they said they would and cleaned up after they were through. The “boys” from Dreammaker did their job well and Tommy kept us informed all the way. We knew what was going on and when to expect people. The cleaning lady sent to clean the finished bathroom did her job well. What a joy to work with these efficient people who know what they are doing. Thanks DreamMaker and Tommy.

-Dick and Carolyn Sloan

To The Nice Folks at DreamMaker, We want to sincerely thank your entire staff for the beautiful job in remodeling our two bathrooms. The job was quite massive, but the professional level of work was excellent, efficient, and even pleasant. At a time when work of any kind is less than acceptable, it is refresing to find people who take pride in their efforts. All the subcontracts were courteous and knowledgable. Tommy, the job superintendent, was beyond efficient; he seemed to anticipate our needs and desires.

-Stan and Kathryn O’Hara

I am writing this letter in regards to the kitchen remodeling project that was recently completed on my kitchen ceiling. I had a typical 1980’s fluorescent light fixcture that encompassed the entire ceiling and although I had updated my kitchen with granite countertops, new appliances, and travertine floors, the antiquated lighting kept my kitchen from looking its best. After seeing a beautiful ceiling at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, I was inspired. I took pictures, went to DreamMaker, spoke with Everett Gray and asked “Can you do this?” He confidently responded, they could do anything and thus the project began. The entire process was outlined and thoroughly explained to me. As planned, the project came to fruition as expected. It began on schedule and was completed two days early and slightly over budget but oly because of material choices that I made. I was very impressed by all the DreamMaker employees. They were always prompt, courteous and their work was exceptional. I am extremely happy with the outcome. My kitchen ceiling is spectacular. I am hoping to add a bathroom and closet to my home in the near future and I will certainly be calling DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

-Teri Romanini

Hi Everett and Patty, Kathy and I wanted to send you a recommendation for Tommy. His professionalism, competency, and superior work were always above board. We feel that our kitchen remodel/renovation is timeless, and will be enjoyed by many for years to come. Tommy and his team members (Hal and Travis) can always be proud of this kitchen project in our home. We always feel food about our new kitchen. Many thanks to Tommy and his crew!!

-Dennis and Kathy McDonnell

I would like to express my complete satisfaction to DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for the remodel of my bathroom. Your work has exceeded all of my expectations and I would highly recommend DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to my friends for a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Of special note, I would like to thank Tommy, Hal, and Travis for their professional attitude and work. The remodel was completed ahead of schedule and with no impact on my daily routine. Tommy made sure I was always up to date on the progress of the remodel and answered any questions I had. Hal and Travis took extra good care of my home, working nonstop throughout the day. The completed remodel reflects the knowledge and skills of these three men. On my next remodel job, I would want these same three men to do the remodel. I am sure they contribute in a large part to the positive reputation that you enjoy in Bakersfield. Thank you for a job well done!

-Rusty Miles

Good Afternoon, I have been wanting to thank you so much for the beautiful work you and your crew did for me and my family. We are pleased with all and how my beautiful kitchen turned out. I want to take the time to let you and your company know that we were treated with respect and everything that we asked of you to do was just done perfect and to my satisfaction. I will recommend you and your team any time. And if I was ever to need anything new at my house I would like for your team to come back again. Thanks a million, real pleased with you.

-Mrs. Sosa and Family


To: DreamMaker of Bakersfield, It being almost a ear since my remodeling, I have a few notes to share with you. My wife and I needed to have a bathroom remodeled. We did not know who to turn to or who to trust. We decided to go to Bakersfield Home and Garden show where we met DreamMaker of Bakersfield. We soon found out that DreamMaker was a full service building contractor/remodeler that we could trust. The step by step planning process to make sure everything was understood and that our desires were expressed in the final design went extremely well. The day construction was to begin, we met Tommy and Harold who were complete in the demolition process, but were very careful not to let the demolition process harm any adjoining room. After each time they worked in the house, they cleaned up the mess before they left each day and they made sure the dust was controlled and confined to the bathroom remodel. Tommy and Harold made sure each step in the remodeling process was professionally complete before the next process began. I thank them for taking ownership for the whole construction process, which made the final results most pleasing and satisfying to my wife and I. Tommy also worked well with our local building inspector. All in all, I consider DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Bakersfield to be my personal building contractor/remodeler that I can trust to do a professional remodel that is done right. Signed a Very Satisfied Customer

-Jim Siler

To Everyone at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen When I finally decided to have a new kitchen my first thought was to visit DreamMaker for ideas only–but after talking with Patty and Everett I knew that they were the people to work with. I met with Mel Fox who created almost magic for my 1960’s tract house with a long narrow kitchen. Not only giving me more counter and storage, it seemed to open up the area near the antique table that is now the focus of the room. The crew, Tommy, Hal and Travis were fatastic–not only professional and efficient but never annoyed with my many questions. I now think of them as my friends. All of the people I dealt with (Valley Granite, Urner’s, etc.)were so helpful and tere was never a delay in any of the work. I believe this was due to Tommy always being on top of everything. When the kitchen was finished, I immediately decided that DreamMaker was the only people to do the same wonderful work on my bathroom, which is in progress at this time. Thank you all for far exceeding my expectations!

-Donna Aguilar

To The Crews of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, We are very pleased with our new bathroom! I have to admit that I never felt my dream would come true to have such a fabulous shower and extra bathroom in an area that was originally part of a bedroom! Thank you Everett, for taking my dream and vision ideas and developing a plan and contract that met our budget and desires. Tommy and Travis were frequently checking to see if our wishes were being met and to keep us informed as to the progress of the bathroom conversion along with the projected timeline for the various crews and inspectors. At one point I was concerned that the project would not be completed in time for visiting family, but Tommy, Travis, and Hal made sure it was usable by the time company arrived. The plumbers were superb! They had to make new sewer and water supply line connections as well as fine-tune the operations for all the spa-like shower heads. They were very accommodating in getting the water temperature adjusted to our desire. Although this was a very messy job, the area was always as clean as they could keep it. The electrician was very awesome! He made certain that we had considered all aspects of lighting for the new bathroom and that all the new outlets, fan, and lights were functioning like we wanted. We also were very pleased to work with the drywall, painting crews and Valley Granite throughout this project. The painters made certain that all of the new baseboards and other seams were properly caulked and that the area was kept clean. The tile and granite installations were great! These crews frequently check with us as to what they were doing and if we wanted anything special, such as orientation of the tile (horizontal or diagonal). The new bathroom and our hallway and bedroom were cleaned to remove all the dust, excess grout and other items associated with the bathroom conversion. Tommy was very helpful in making certain that everything was finished to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend using DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen and their crews/subcontractors for any renovation project.

-Dan & Susan Tuttle

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to express my complete satisfaction to DreamMakers for the remodel of my bathroom. our work has exceeded all of my expectations and I would highly recommend DreamMakers to my friends for a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Of special note I would like to thank Tommy, Hal, and Travis for their professional attitude and work. The remodel was completed ahead of schedule and with no impact on my daily routine. Tommy made sure I was always up to date on the progress of the remodel and answered any questions I had. Hal and Travis took extra good care of my home. Working nonstop throughout the day, the completed remodel reflects the knowledge and skills of these three men. On my next remodel job I would want these same three men to do the remodel. I am sure they contribute in a large part of he positive reputation that you enjoy in Bakersfield. Thank you for a job well done!

-Rusty Miles

To DreamMaker Team Please accept my thanks and gratitude for a job well done. Patty and Everett you have a very special group of people that are an asset to our company – again, Thank You. Beginning with the start of my remodeling project, I was introduced to Mel and Rae Ellen, who were very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient in helping me envision my final remodeling dreams. I now have a beautiful and functional kitchen, as well as, a “spa-like” master bathroom and an adjoining sunroom/prayer room. They were a delight to work with and I appreciate their efforts on my behalf. Your team from start to finish provided me with dedicated, caring, and professional people who were superior in their workmanship and dedication to their chosen field of specialty in the construction/remodeling industry. Your team went out of their way to explain the construction process, inspection requirements, etc., that are part of a remodeling project. All companies that were part of this process were thoughtful, competent and very skillful in their job duties. I appreciate our company in providing such individuals to provide the services that they do for your clients. The project manager, Tommy, was conscientious, hard-working, thoughtful, and had a great personality for the duties required for this particular type of job. He has great public relationship skills and was able to get things done in a professional and timely fashion. His team workers on my project was Hal and Travis, and they were a delight to work with, and very skillful and professional in completing all required projects. All and all these people were very upbeat and made my remodeling project a more peaceful and positive experience. Thank you so much! Overall I highly recommend the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen team for any and all remodeling projects, as they are truly a very special group of individuals that make dreams come true.

-Juliet Turner

To Whom It May Concern This note is to commend Tommy Moody for his work in overseeing the remodel or our bathroom. Tommy was outstanding at keeping us updated on the schedule and quickly responded to our questions and all the issues involved in the entire process. Tommy was a real pleasure to work with.

-Respectfully, Tim and Valerie Boyles

This note is to commend Tommy Moody for his work in overseeing the remodel of our bathroom. Tommy was outstanding at keeping us updated on the schedule and quickly responded to our questions and all the issues involved in the entire process. Tommy was a real pleasure to work with.

-Tim and Valerie Boyles

Thank you Tommy. You are a first-class craftsman/gentleman for taking me on tis new bathroom journey. What I appreciated the most was I knew ahead of time what was going to take place. Who was coming in and when they would not be coming in. Yikes, ugly was ugly. My questions were answered timely, for example; “How does this fancy faucet work?” My bathroom now is the top-of-the-line. I love it. It was positive experience.

-Elaine McClenny

Dear DreamMaker Team, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone on your team who worked on our family room remodel. We were impressed with all the people working at our home, their quality of work and their work ethics. (everyone was polite and courteous) We want to especially give a big thank you to Tommy Moody, our Project Manager. He was always on top of everything and patiently aswered all our questions and phone calls. When asked who is our contractor, we are very happy to say DreamMaker. We have recommended you to friends, family, and co-workers, and will continue to do so. Thank you again for creating our new room!

-Steve and Diane Smiley

I would like to thank Tommy Moody for his assistance with our kitchen remodel. He has been very pleasant to work with and always answered his telephone or returned his call in a short period of time. He listened to my questions/concerns and provided reponses and time lines. Our home was kept as clean as possible during a remodel. All the different trades have been timely and clean. At the beginning of our job, we were advised it would take about two weeks, and that has been the timeframe. All work and work product has met expectations.

-Joan Rexford

Dear Everett and Patty We would like to thank your comany and staff for the wonderful remodel of our kitchen. Rae Ellen Usrey came to our home and saw exactly what our taste in decorating was and returned with samples of granite and tile that were perfect. TommyMoody, the Project Supervisor, gave us a timeline of daily work schedule and work was completed as promised. Hal and Travis were a pleasure to work with and mel Fox was always available to take our calls if we had any questions. Than you and , on our behalf, please thank your staff for a job well done!

-Ken and Anita Keagy

o Whom It May Concern: I write this letter in recommendation of Tommy Moody of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Moody on the remodel of our Master Bathroom in January of 2012. I can recommend him highly without reservation. Throughout the course of the remodel Tommy was a consummate professional. Our job was done with care, precision and attention to detail. Tommy always communicated when sub-contractors would be arriving and what they would be working on. Any problems he encountered were quickly dealt with so as to not hold up the job. He is certainly an amazing craftsman and can turn his hand to anything. In addition, he is extremely clean and tidy in the workplace. The worksite was never left in disarray. He took time and special care to prevent any of the job dust from trailing throughout the house. The Bathroom remodel took a little time to complete but the end result is more than we had hoped for and we could not be happier! Thanks again to Tommy Moody and DreamMaker crew -we can’t wait to work with them again.

-Jack and Fiona Hamilton

Patty -Once again, I extend my thanks and gratitude to the entire DreamMaker team! Y’all are WONDERFUL and certainly helped make my kitchen dream a reality! Very, very best — always!

-Shirley Brewer

Patty – Even though everything is not completely finished yet, I just felt impelled to send a note to say THANK YOU to the entire DreamMaker team! This project has gone amazingly well, from start to finish, with little fuss or muss. ALL the folks have been wonderful to work with and have been communicative, knowledgeable, professional, considerate (with one tiny exception that, basically, was subcontractor-to-subcontractor). Most importantly in my mind, each and every crafts person (and I don’t use that term loosely) involved has been dedicated to customer service, support, and satisfaction. Borrowing lyrics from Cole Porter, “Who could ask for anything more?” And Mark and I are thrilled with the results! Sometimes it’s hard to look at small samples and visualize the end result. In our case, everything totally worked! Not only worked but went beyond expectations. And what a difference! Please know how much everyone involved in this project is appreciated! With thanks and gratitude,

-Shirley Brewer

Guild Quality Survey – It was a project I’d been putting off for some time, and it really needed to be address. I looked to DreamMaker when I was narrowing down who I wanted to use. I look at the Better Business Bureau, and I listen to other’s recommendations. The contractor’s were very professional. The overall finished quality of my bathroom exceeds my expectations. I have passed their information along to several contacts already.

-Jack and Fiona Hamilton

Guild Quality Survey – The whole process, from our first contact with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen; to the actual work done, to the professionalism of everyone we came into contact with during the whole process; to the wonderful person or persons handling the financial process; to the follow up during the remodeling and after the remodeling; was extremely professional and in all a pleasing experience for my wife and myself.

-Jim and Margo Siler

From Guild Quality Survey – We had no idea who to go to, or whom to trust as a contractor for the remodeling. We decided to go to the Home Show at the Kern County Fair Grounds. There we met Patty and Everett Gray who impressed us as to their ability to do the remodeling beyond our expectations. They were willing to work with our financial source, even though they had not used this source before. The end result is that we have found a remodeling full service contractor in the Grays and DreamMaker that we can trust for all aspects of remodeling.

-Jim and Margo Siler

From the Guild Quality Survey: Area Of Satisfaction – In what area(s) were you most satisfied with your experience with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen and why? We are very happy with how the kitchen turned out. They stayed in contact with us and still do. I feel they care about the quality of the work and the satisfaction of their customers.We talk to them all the time. They know that we are satisfied. There are always a couple of glitches when doing a major remodeling project, but they handled them all fine. They do make sure that their customers are happy and we are.

-McGowan, Hugh & Cheryl

Dear DreamMaker Team, We want to thank you for a job very well done. We have been putting off replacing our bath and shower for years expecting it to be a painful and disruptive experience. However, we found the experience to be quite the opposite. Your staff was professional, skilled and keenly attentive to every detail. We struggled with designs and colors and Mel helped us resolve those challenges. During the demo and installation period, Tommy kept open lines of communication. When we were informed of a time the crew were to be at our home, they were there and on time. If there was a delay, we were promptly informed. Compared to other projects, ours was on a small scale, yet we treated as if it were the largest most important job. Our bathroom now looks beautiful, and we certainly will be recommending DreamMaker to family, friends and others.

-Ted and Karen Sitler

We had a pipe behind the wall in our older tiled shower that had been slowly leaking for some time, and did not realize it until lots of water started seeping onto our bathroom floor from underneath the shower. We had to tear down the entire wall to the shower (which was an exterior wall to the house) right down to the studs to let it dry out. Since we did not like the shower/tub area anyway, we decided to remodel. Dream Maker gave us excellent service all of the way. They worked within our budget, and gave us very detailed instructions of everything that was going to happen each step along the way. They cleaned up every day and did everything when they said they were going to do it. We could not be happier.

-Laurie Dominici

DreamMaker completely remodeled our kitchen. They took everything out, down to the bare walls and floors. Their team helped us redesign our kitchen and they did excellent work. Our kitchen is a real showplace and very functional. We could not be happier. The work was accomplished on time and within our budget. DreamMaker responded quickly to our call. Their sales staff was very professional and knowledgeable. The project was carefully planned with us and we had the use of an interior decorator to help with planning and colors. The remodel crews were neat and did excellent work. Our kitchen was cleaned of all trash every day when the crews left. It has been a most pleasant experience.

-Wayne Deats Jr.

Dream Maker completely renovated our two bathrooms. Preformed bathtubs and showers were removed and replaced with tile and new plumbing. The linoleum floors were replaced with tile. New cabinets and other storage replaced the old cabinets. Granite counter tops replaced the tile tops. Although it was a bit more than we wanted to spend, we are very happy with our bathrooms. For the most part, every step of the way went smoothly. It took a little longer than planned, but overall we were very happy with the experience.

-Randy Coulter

Thank you for the wonderful kitchen you recently completed for us. We were worried going into the makeover about getting everything done at the right time, but DreamMaker helped make it a good experience. We enjoyed planning the makeover with Patti, Everett, and Mel. They were a big help in trying to determine what cabinets and accessories we needed in our kitchen. We appreciated the detail that they went through in drawing up the new kitchen. We also found Rae Ellen very helpful in trying to find the right handles and knobs, colors of paint, countertop, tile and floor coverings to make the kitchen fit our lifestyle. Tommy was the person in charge of the actual work and kept us informed as to the next step that was about to take place. He returned our phone calls in a timely fashion whenever we had a question. Tommy and his helpers Hal and Gabe were very professional in their work and always completed their jobs in a timely fashion. They were sure to vacuum and clean up evey night so we could live in the house as well as possible. They were very hard workers and did their part to keep the makover on time. They showed a good camaradierie with each other. We were very happy to have them on our project. We were also impressed with the way that Ron Caya made our wall look like new afer all the rough spots and holes that were there. We had Martin Alvarez do some extra painting and were also pleased with their work. We found that Valley Granite and David Hacker were very good at picking and installing the quartz for our countertops. We were very happy with our flooring and carpeting from Flooring America and Vyn Goodmon. Vyn helped us in deciding which floor covering to choose and their installers were very professional and efficient in installing the carpeting and flooring. We would certianly be happy to recommend DreamMakers and their fine staff to anyone that is considering remodeling their kitchen and/or bath. Thank you all for giving us a great new kitchen and a job well done.

-Larry and Bev Nichols

Dear Patty and Everett, Anne and I cannot thank you and your crew enough for the quality job DreamMaker did on our kitchen and bath remodel. We knew going into the project it would be messy, difficult and stressful but your crew and DreamMaker’s policies really made it as enjoyable as it possibly could have been. As we discussed before we started the project with DreamMaker, we had three other remodel projects over the past several years and not one of them went the way we were promised. Your project was almost seamless, and having someone from your company show up to work everyday (and sometimes weekends) is a plus that anyone that has had a project stop while the workers do something else (or nothing at all) can appreciate. Now that we have had time to live with the remodel for almost a year we have come to appreciate the qulaity of materials and workmanship of DreamMaker. When you called as a follow up to fix anything that was not right we had a hard time thinking of anything that neede to be fixed or even changed. DreamMaker planning and experience really produces an extraordinary end product. We really commend the two of you and your team for doing such an outstanding job upgrading our almost forty year old kitchen and bath.

-Jim and Anne Marino

DreamMaker, We would like to commend Tommy and Hal for the excellent work they did on our kitchen remodel. The demolition of the old kitchen counters and flooring was clean, without any damage to the cabinets. The new ceiling, which included grinding copper plates, was truly a work of art. Tommy and Hal were also very good with supporting electrical and touch-up painting stages. DreamMaker is fortunate to have these two fine craftsmen.

-Hugh and Cheryl McGowan

I would like to thank all of you for my Dream kitchen. Thank you Patty, Everett, and office staff for making the remodel start off so easy. The first day Tommy, Everett and I went over all the details of what was going to happen. They answered all my questions before we got started. The refacing looks so good. All the cabinets look like new ones. Everyone was polite and easy to talk to. Things were cleaned up every day before they went home. I love my kitchen.

-Joan Floyd

I just had my master bathroom remodeled and the work was accomplished by Tommy and Hal. I highly recommend their work. They were efficient, respectful, and did the job in a timely manner. When I have another remodeling job, they are the two I will definitely request.

-Della Wilson

To The Crew of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, I have to admit that we dreaded the thought of redoing the bathroom because of all the horror stories I had heard from friends who had remodeled. However, I couildn’t have been more surprised with the wonderful crew of DreamMaker. Patty and Evertt were very good at helping us determine just what we wanted to do and their suggestions were very helpful and useful. They drew up a contract and followed it to the letter. Tommy was the one in charge of the actual work and he was right on top of all the details. He kept us informed, brought us up to date and explained anything we needed to know. He was quick to return phone calls and very pleasant to work with. His co-worker from DreamMaker was Hal and he also was good at his job. Hal did the demolition work along with Tommy and along with any other things that needed doing. Hal and Tommy were both hard workers who did an excellent job with their part of the remodel. It is so nice to have people who know their business and are easy to work with. The two gentlemen from Valley Granite and Tile were very good at their craft and worked hard to get things just right and Carlos Shower Doors did an excellent job with the beautiful galss door. The painters were top notch and VERY neat as were all the workmen who were here. The men who tarred the shower, fixed the wallboard and others were also professional. Thery were on time and worked hard. Our decorator, Rae Ellen, was right on with her color and tile selection. She was very easy to work with and had lots of good suggestions. We felt that everyone certainly knew what they were doing and the work was finished in a timely manner. The workers appeared when they said they would and cleaned up as they left. There is no doubt that we would recommend Everett and Patty and their crews. Anyone who wants an easy remodel will call DreamMaker and Everett and Patty Gray and the DreamMaker Team. Thanks to a job well done!

-Carolyn and Dick Sloan

We had been putting off our second upstairs bathroom for several years. We didn’t know where to start or really what we wanted to do. We had heard of DreamMaker from a neighbor and when we saw their booth at the Home Show, we signed up for an appointment. As it turns out, we did not need to worry. Patty met iwth us and went throught their program to design and install al bathroom that would exceed what we were looking for. Hal and his construction crew were very professional. They went to great lengths to protect our rugs, walls, and staircase from construction mess or damage. We were very pleased with the quality and workmanship of DreamMaker and would recommend them to our friends.

-Bill and Pam Huffstutter

Dear Patty and Everett: The kitchen project is completed, and I have to say that I am sorely disappointed. When Darlene talked (or threatened, enticed, cajoled–you pick one) me in to this venture, I finally agreed knowing I would surely have the last “I told you.” I based that feeling on the outrageous claims you folks made about how it would all go so smoothly and look so good when it was finished. I’ve done enough of that type of work to know you were blowing lots of smoke, and that I would be having several “field days” pointing out where this or that was screwed up, and I would have the satisfaction of smuggly and modestly) professing that I would have done it much better. An that’s why I’m so disapointed. Try as I might, I have not been able to find one legitimate fault with what you and your people have done. The final product is functional and beautiful. The process was painless, the workers were a joy to accommodate, the timeline was remarkably accurate, and the only complaint I have is that I have nothing to complain about. As you might imagine, Darlene is absolutely thrilled with all of it. If you want a positive reference, you should probably refer everyone to her– I’m still in the sulking mode, and plan to be here for awhile. Best of Everything, Rich Tucker

-Richard and Darlene Tucker

After suffering through major disasters with our last two remodeling projects we were more than a little liery when it was time to fix our broken kitchen. We had heard that DreamMaker was reliable, so we decided to try one more time and hope for the best. Many thank yous to ….. At this point, I must say that my husband, who is one of the pickiest people on the planet was impressed with the quality of work and attention to detail. He was amazed (as was I) that he found no defects anywhere! When the time comes to re-do the previous remodel in the bathrooms it will be DreamMaker that I call… but first there is that little office space that Jim always wanted…

-Irene Eacman

Dear Friends, I happily endorse DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for the beautiful job that they did on my kitchen. The remodeling materials that they helped me choose were the best quality and really upgraded my home. The most important part of our remodel however, was the trust that we have with the contractor DreamMaker. They have integrity. Whenever an unexpected glitch arose, they were there to help and make it right. Their preparation and clean up was also impeccable. I recommend them with full confidence that you will get a top notch job and feel that you’ve gotten your money’s worth. Rochelle Steinke Artist/ Muralist/ Faux Finishes

-Rochelle Steinke – Artist, Muralist, Faux Finisher

Everyone we dealt with at DreamMaker were both professional and courteous. (Also see video testimony)

-John and Jeannie Cooney

To The DreamMakers, We had never seen a walk-in tub. The staff was very efficient in showing us just how the tub works and how to use the tub. Also showed us what the tub can do for our needs. The new tub makes it so pleasant to take a bath. We feel safe in the new tub thanks to DreamMakmer Bath & Kitchen.

-The Drouins, Gaston & Margery

Hi Patty, I know that both On-man and I have expressed our sincere appreciation for the wonderful job that the team at Dream Maker has done during our complete home renovation. However, after moving back home and spending time in our brand new updated home, we feel the need to once again let you know how happy we are. From the start, our first meeting with you at the showroom was informative and professional. During the planning stage, Everett was insightful and made many recommendations that we haven’t even thought of and is appreciating now (thanks again, Everett!). Throughout the demolition and construction, the team (especially Hal and Tommy) was not only professional, they were also considerate and paid attention to even the tiniest details. Thanks to our DreamMaker renovation, we are enjoying our dream home everyday. We think of you all each time we come home and can’t help but smile when we walk through the door because of how beautiful and inviting our home feels. Again, our sincere thanks to the whole team at DreamMaker for a wonderful stress free complete home renovation…who knew that it was possible, now we do! We will surely recommend DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to all our friends and family. Sincerely, On-man and Monica Lau Note: Project was a whole house remodel from roofing to flooring. The kitchen and both bathrooms were remodeled making this home a new home from the inside out. (Also see video testimony)

-On-man & Monica Lau

Dear Patty, Just a quick note to thank you again for helping with our problem. Ken was a marvel at knowing just what to do. We greatly appreciate DreamMaker for willingness to send him.

-Jean Wickey

DreamMaker staff, Thank you for a job well done and ahead of time. We had to make two trips to LA this week for some surgery on our son’s eyes, and it was really wonderful not to have to worry about what was going on with the bathroom. Matthew is really happy with the way his bathroom looks. Thanks again, Al, Margie, and Matthew Prinster
-Al & Marge Prinster

Dear Patty and Everett, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhh! I love my walk-in bath!! At 96+, life doesn’t offer a lot of really fun activities, but, I do look forward to “bath night” with great glee. As the water fills the tub, my feet begin to register a warmth that I have not felt all day. By the time the water is covering most of my torso and the bubbles are floating around me – I am in “heaven on earth”! After years of wanting the walk-in bath, I finally know the pleasure of a soothing and relaxing bath where I sit knowing I cannot fall and always feel secure. Thank you, DreamMaker for helping make my dream come true! Blessings,

-Cheryl Dockter and Perk Wagner

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You DreamMaker! We are really enjoying our new walk-in tub. It is fantastic! The safety and comfort is exactly what we were looking for. DreamMaker has really made our dream come true! You are the best. Your work was impeccable, and the workers were very respectable and polite. We are extremely pleased. Sincerely, Cruz Santiago

-Cruz Santiago

Thanks to all of you not only for the hard work, but for how great you all were to work with. …with everyone’s work we ended up with a fantastic new bathroom.

-JoAnn Gartland

Attention: The DreamMaker Team As the old workout saying goes, “No pain, no gain”, and that applies to remodeling as well. Having had experience with remodeling, we knew what to expect when we decided to update our master and hall bathrooms. DreamMaker, by far, is the most professional contractor we have hired. Our initial meeting with Patty was informative and eye-opening. She is very knowledgeable and provided us with all the information we needed concerning their DreamMaker franchise, what we could expect during our remodel, products available to us, and approximate costs. When we decide to go ahead with our project, we were introduced to Jim Curran, Design Consultant for DremMaker. Jim has a vast knowledge of all types of construction and design. He takes all your ideas, wants, and needs and somehow transfers the intangible to a design plan on paper. He also works with the client concerning the cost and scheduling of the job. Jim never lost his sense of humor or patience no matter how many times we called, met with him at our home or his office, or made yet another addition or deletion to the project. Every question and concern we had was important to him. Jeri Mickelberry designed our cabinetry. Jim communicated our ideas to her, and she turned them into reality. Jeri understood exactly the look and feel we were after and designed cabinets that are unique, functional, and beautiful. Jeri is yet another talented craftsman from the DreamMaker family. Tommy Moody was our Project Supervisor. “Never let them see you sweat” must be Tommy’s motto, because no matter what problem or challenge arose, Tommy never lost his cool. Tommy’s phone rings constantly, and he’s juggling more than one remodel at a time, but he makes you feel as if your project is the most important. Tommy has an eye for detail. When he’s checking other’s work, he acts as if it’s his own home he’s evaluating. Nothing is overlooked. Nothing is too insignificant to correct. Tommy’s name and DreamMaker’s reputation are behind the work that is done. We are more than satisfied with the quality products and workmanship that went into our bathroom remodels. And that brings us to another important point. DreamMaker has the most dedicated and loyal force of employees that we have ever seen. They are truly a TEAM who are proud to be part of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. Nothing in life is perfect, and we did hit a couple of bumps. This was where DreamMaker showed what they were made of. Instead of putting us off and ignoring ur concerns, Patty and Everett made a visit to our home within the hour. Our concerns were their concerns. We weren’t left dangling to fend for ourselves. Client satisfaction, quality work, and superior service are the cornerstones on which DreamMaker is built. Good things take time and really fantastic bathrooms might take a little longer, but we got EXACTLY what we wanted. The bathrooms that DreamMaker presented us are the bathrooms we had created in our minds. We wanted the wow factor, and we got it. We wanted luxury, and we got it. We wanted bathrooms that were unique, and we got it. DreamMaker made our dreams come true, and we enjoy the fruits of their labor everyday. Would we do it again? You bet! DreamMakers’s newspaper ad says, “UGLY – A word you should not be using to describe your kitchen or bathroom.” However, our kitchen IS pretty ugly. When it comes times to remedy that problem, DreamMaker will be our first choice.

-Tom and Debbie Faulkner

Dear Pattie, Everett, and DreamMaker Team, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we love our new “updated” kitchen and bathrooms. We also wanted to let you know how friendly and professional the men who came into our home were. They were always courteous, even when I asked dumb questions.

-Jack and Lana Scott

Overall, the experience has been a good one. Everyone we met throughout the experience has been very professional and excellent at their jobs. Although, living with all the construction going on and not being able to use parts of the house, was very trying at times, we would do it all again in a heartbeat. DreamMakers is a very professional organization who lives up to their name and reputation. Every time I walk into my new kitchen I have to smile because I love it so much. So, to all of you at DreamMaker – Thanks for transforming our kitchen into a showplace!

-Paul and Valerie Duncan

One of the best things we’ve ever done, to have DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen come in and fix up our kitchen and I do appreciate it every day.

-Mrs. Marge Minner

What you accomplished was to take an ordinary, small 50″s bathroom and turn it into what we consider a show-place. Tasks were completed when Tommy said they would be,people showed up on time, and everyone love (or least put up with) our Westies. Our home was always left in perfect condition when they finished for the day. They were polite and courteous and we enjoyed having them in our home.

-Jack & Cathy Boutwell

I highly recommend them!

-Ted & Cindy Bangi

Bathroom – I started looking into DreamMaker when I talked to a neighbor who had work done by them. He was extremely satisfied. After I started with them everything went very smoothly. I had an excellent experience. Kitchen – I was amazed at how fast the can do the project. It’s been an exceptional experience. They have done our bathroom and are doing our kitchen now.

-Phil and Claire Harrington

It was just wonderful, they didn’t waste time, they cleaned up after they got finished, everthing was just right. They did everything we asked them to do, they laid it all out ahead of time, I can’t think of anything they could have done better.

-Marge and Warren Minner

I am wholeheartedly in favor of what they are doing and how they are doing it. They listen to my needs and wants and the designer was helpful. They’ve all followed through with everything. It’s been a wonderful experience. They’re making my dreams for my kitchen come true.

-Beverly Harper

Thank you for all the excellent work. Both bathrooms look great! It will be strange not having you all her. We are very pleased and have had many compliments from friends and family.

-Greg Alvarez

We would like to thank you for the wonderful job your company did with our kitchen. We weren’t looking to spend alot of money, and we wanted it done before our baby was born. You came through on both of these, and we really appreciate it! Thank you so much for everything! We will recommend you to anyone who is looking to remodel because our experience was so positive.

-Steve and Mindy Montanio

We recently finished our kitchen remodel project. The new lighting, new countertop, and the refinish of our cabinetry have given our kitchen a fresh, updated look whtat we are very pleased with. Working with Jim, Tommy, and all the craftsment that were involved in the project was a pleasure. We appreciate the efforts taken to minimize the change to our lives and the fact that there were very few days where there was nothing happening on the project.

-Randy and Pam Penner

My mom and I are very pleased with our new kitchen it is so beautiful! Thanks for all your help! God Bless

-Julia and Lynn Mora

The process was interesting, informative, and professional. We never doubted the ability of the work and that you would listen to our concerns/needs. Everyone who sees the finished product is impressed! We are happy with the results.

-Jeff and Dana Vague

We love our bathrooms and we were very pleased with everything and everyone.

-Sandra and Gilbert Lewis

I was very pleased with the work done on my father’s shower! Thank you for all your help.

-Susan Clarksen

Excellent workmanship, very knowledgable and courteous tradesmen.

-Jerrie Martinez

Our experience with DreamMaker has been great. We love the kitchen and would love to upgrade the bathrooms in the future (with DreamMaker).

-Dale Julander

Without exception, all of the workers were on a high level of professionalism. Thank you for a great job!

-Michael and Jolene Woods

Outstanding! Thanks for making my kitchen so beautiful.

-Deanna Clark

We would definetly consider DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for bathroom remodels after the success of our kitchen makeover.

-Mr.. and Mrs. Dale Julander

I am so satisfied with the work and the workers who did the work especially Hal.

-John & Sharon Schiefelbein

Sherman is creative and helpful. I am impressed by the professionalism of the company.

-Emily Thiroux

I am thoroughly satisfied with my association with DreamMaker from start to finish.

-Beverly Harper

We were highly pleased with all aspects of the work from the introductory sessions to completion!

-Marge Minner

I have the kitchen that I have always dreamed of thanks to the wonderful and careful attention of the DreamMaker Team. The design team turned my kitchen into a wonderful retreat that I enjoy everyday. Thank you to all the team members for making my dream a reality.

-Ron and Laila Severy

Things are going just fine. Phenomenal!!! The workers clean up everyday; your operation is very impressive. The communication is outstanding. We are very happy with your service. We have no complaints.

-Jason and Erin George

Working with DreamMaker has been a pleasant experience. Thank you for the beauty and the ease with which it was accomplished.

-David and Pat Childs

Very professional, thoughtful, and caring. I would highly recommend the DreamMaker Team.

-Betty Chambers

Having our kitchen remodeled by DreamMaker was a good experience for us. The kitchen receives an A+ from our family and friends.

-Bob and Katherine Miller

Thank you seems like such an inadequate phrase for what you have accomplished. You took what was one of the ugliest and most non-functional bathrooms in the state of California and turned it into our favorite room.

-Tom and Hillary Gilmartin

Thank you for the excellent workmanship, the exemplary customer service, and for helping make the bathroom we dreamed of a reality.

-John Teves

Now I really do believe you get what you pay for. If only all company’s were like this one.

-The Hunt Family

Mary and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you. You kept all your promises. We were very impressed with all aspects of your service. Already I have recommended you to many of our friends.

-Dr. Martin and Mary Berry

We would like to thank you for the new kitchen of our dreams. It breathes new life into our house. We would like to thank the workers. Each day when they were finished everything was cleaned up like they weren’t even there. That made a big impression on us.

-David and Nancy Morrissey

It was a pleasure again to work with you. Thank you for making our experience with DreamMaker a delight and success. Our bathroom and kitchen improvements made our dreams come true.

-George and Donna Richaud

I want to thank all of you for all the wonderful work you guys did for me. My bathroom looks wonderful. It is worth every dime. Our experience with DreamMaker has been a pleasure since the minute I walked in the office.

-Waltina Farr

Working with your office has been a joy. Your personel worked diligently to make sure all of our designs and requests were included and completed to our satisfaction.

-Steve and Brenda Haskell

Projects 1 & 2 -Thank you for the absolutely gorgeous kitchen and master bath! These rooms put most kitchens and baths featured in magazine layouts to shame. Project 3 – Hall Bath – This is our third project with DreamMaker. I promise, I’m not just giving them the highest scores, they really do do a great job. I consider DreamMaker part of my family; it’s true! This is a great company, they’ve improved with each time we’ve used them. They are on track and I think they’ll do very well, because they supply good service, they have great, Christian, hardworking employees- they’re just great.

-Bruce and Gai Sherman

My kitchen is a Cinderella story from ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Well, it’s one of those fairy tale stories. I know that all your kitchens are masterpieces, but I’m here to offer my recommendations wholeheartedly.

-John Jameson

To Whom it May Concern:
Water damage under the kitchen sink and 30-year old appliances required us to reluctantly undertake a complete kitchen remodel: new cabinets, counter, lighting, flooring, and appliances. Friends and family had warned us of the horrors they had experienced with renovation contractors and I agonized over who I could trust with the project. I had previously been acquainted with Mel Fox so I ended up at DreamMaker’s office.

Patty was gracious, informative and frighteningly honest that this would be a major investment in the value of our home. We weighed going “cheaper,” but taking an indefinite amount of time and a vast amount of personal work, against going “first class” with DreamMaker. I was given many reassurances that work done through DreamMaker would be of the highest quality and that they would complete the work in a timely fashion. They demolished our kitchen on May 21 and they had everything done save the finishing touches by June 21. They had told me the job would be done in 5 weeks and they kept their word which meant a great deal to me as I had chosen them over other contractors on their track record of ethical business practices.

I had been anxious about having a parade of workmen in and out of my four-person home. To my relief, every person who participated in the project was polite, knowledgeable, and willing to discuss with me options and answer my questions. Everyone working for and with DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen cleaned up after themselves and made sure their imposition on life in our home was kept to a minimum. Safety of our pet was a concern of mine and DreamMaker personnel made it a concern of theirs. I appreciate the professionalism of Patty and Everett, Mel and Tommy, Wes and Travis, Ron, Kyle and Brian, Alex, Eddie and Cesar, Edgar, Mike and Jesse, and Joanna.

The transformation from a 30-year old, poorly constructed kitchen, to what we have today is marvelous. What impressed me most about DreamMaker’s operation was that every concern I had along the way was addressed. Being our first renovation project, we were naïve about many things and whether we were blowing an electrical fuse or confused about terminology, Tommy would take my call and explain things for us. He said we could call him anytime and we did and he still dealt compassionately with us. In many areas, Tommy was more scrupulous and exacting about small details than I would have ever thought to be myself. It was wonderful to work with people with whom you can communicate and Patty would regularly call to reassure and sympathize through the emotional upheaval that results from having the central room of your home gutted. Being able to trust DreamMaker personnel made the process so much easier.

I am glad I chose DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for this remodeling project and I would consider them again for future projects in my home.

-Sandra DeVera