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Sampson Wealth Management Group
Gary J. Sampson, CFP®, CRPC®
Jon Sampson, CFP®, CPM®, CRPC®

Gary and Jon Sampson are the lead advisors for Sampson Wealth Management Group, which is a Wealth Management and Financial Planning team with UBS Financial Services. They are both Certified Financial Planning™ Professionals specializing in Retirement and Estate Planning, as well as, Investment Management.

Gary was a professional pilot before he started in the financial services field in the early 1980s. He owned and managed the Kern Schools Federal Credit Union affiliate, Financial Management Group, and then managed the local Merrill Lynch office for 8 years until Jon joined the family team about 10 years ago and they moved the practice to UBS Financial Services.

Before Jon joined the family practice he had a career as a professional actor, specializing in Shakespeare, and a career as a computer consultant and I.T. Director (one guess as to which career provided the more stable income). As a computer consultant in San Diego and New York City he worked with businesses ranging from small 5 person shops up to fortune 500 companies.

Both Gary and Jon are active in the community, having served on numerous boards and committees